Diagnostic of management and organization

HAPEKO - Diagnostic of management and organization

Ensuring personal impressions by methods. Reasoning and strengthening decisions.

Your personal impression counts. And you as the decision maker are responsible for the result. Burden and power of decision making are combined in your person. You are mostly alone with the responsibility and with the decision. But you can ensure and strength your personal impression by systematic methods.

Hanseatisches Personalkontor supplies well-founded methods for various questions in the management of human resources by means of instruments of diagnostics of management and organization:

HAPEKO management compass: Assessment of leadership behavior
Assessment of leadership behavior

The interaction between superiors and employees is the most important aspect in an organization. This interaction requires a continuous development or targets, communicative coordination of possible ways and who is able to take them. The superior is responsible for a “successful interaction”.

The successful interaction is based on four pillars: Empathy, communication, coordination and imagination. Hanseatisches Personalkontor has developed with Professor Dr. Albert Martin of Leuphana University Luneburg an instrument for the self-assessment of these capacities. More than 3,000 participants, thereof 2,000 executives, have answered the questions and today serve as the comparative basis. We pay attention to peculiarities of individual questions and similarities in the structural ambient – relating to position, company size and experience of an applicant – in order to better assess the match to your requirements. The executive compass contains 112 questions and takes approximately 45 minutes.

HAPEKO value-consensus analysis: Compliance of the executive values in the executive team
HAPEKO - Compliance of the executive values in the executive team

It is important for a company’s stability in how far the management's views and opinions on questions of leadership coincide or not. Should all employees be treated equally or should each one be treated individually?

This dilemma cannot be dissolved as being right or wrong. The position between those two poles, however, mirrors a view and opinion. Based on the current executive research, HAPEKO has developed a test detecting the views of the “receiving group”, e.g. the management or top executives, with regard to such dilemma. Finally, the results can be compared to those of the applicant. You decide whether you are looking for someone with similar opinions, or whether you are purposefully looking for someone with different opinions. The value-consensus analysis comprises 23 questions and takes approximately 15 minutes.

HAPEKO executive typology: Clarity on requirement profiles for executives
HAPEKO - executive typology

It is the basic requirement for a matching job placement to describe the executive role correctly.

The demands set to a new executive are manifold and sometimes contradictory. Shareholders, management and employees each have their specific ideas. But integration of the executive in a precise structure and task sets the actual measure for this role. The HAPEKO executive typology provides clarity on the necessary requirements resulting from the structure and task. The degree of closeness to the operative powers and the possibility to influence the ambient conditions form the sorting criteria. General, manager, captain and playmaker are the ideal-typical roles resulting by the different manifestation of the criteria. Which economic principle will the future executive have to follow – the maximum target or the minimum expense? Can he/she directly or only indirectly influence the employees? May the executive act or does he/she have to react suitably? Will he/she have to rely upon mediators or will he/she directly affect the operative powers? HAPEKO clarifies these questions and takes care of uniform requirements of the executive role.

HAPEKO applicant-ranking process: Systematic selection of the best executive
Hapeko - applicant-ranking process

How can your company find the best applicant among all the good ones? The answer: By means of the Hapeko applicant-ranking process.

You decide how the applicant should present himself/herself (CV, concepts etc.) and alongside which criteria the best applicant will be found. The applicant-ranking process is online available to you. You will receive one assessment sheet per observer.

After the presentation, you insert the values and will get a perfect analysis of your assessments. In case of a head-to-head race, you may visualize the applicants’ strengths by a direct comparison, and will make a joint decision alongside the criteria. The applicant-ranking process is structuring your application process, but leaves you every freedom for uniform design.

HAPEKO organization analysis: Identification of possible action in your company
HAPEKO - organization analysis

An organization’s capacity in particular depends on its stability. This stability results from the emotional approval of all members of the organization to the company and is expressed in the level of churn rate of the employees. Do you know how your employees feel?

The question is provided by HAPEKO organization analysis. It combines work satisfaction concepts and functional organization theory. The analysis does not only deal with the employees’ wellbeing but also with preconditions for efficient results. The internet-supported questioning of the employees makes it clear to you where your company (departments, locations and functional groups) needs action, and which aspects are the reasons. The forecast capacity of the analysis with regard to the company’s stability is very high. If your company is stable, you will get the certificate “HAPEKO loveable employer”. For two years, you can use it to advertise yourself with the employees and the labor market. The technology used enables you to review measures taken for their effectiveness at any given time.

Please find further information on employee questioning here.

All instruments have been developed by Hanseatisches Personalkontor according to our best knowledge and belief. Our instruments serve the purpose of enabling the better decision.