Direct Placement

There is the seasoned employee that you will lay off. You know that this dismissal is a particular case of hardship for your company culture. The best for the employee is to be able to start a new employment soon.

HAPEKO Direct Placement opens up this perspective.

In addition to classical outplacement instruments such as coaching, adequate processing of the application documents and market research, HAPEKO’s consultancy approach purposefully targets the receptiveness of the market.

Trained consultants will identify a number of companies that ought to generally have a usage for your employee’s experience in branch, structure and work. Subsequently, HAPEKO will organize the contact to these companies’ managements.

Thus, HAPEKO ensures to your employee the availability of the “covered” labor market. If there is receptiveness, your employee has perspectives – and will pay it back to you with composure over the laying-off process. This is a benefit to your company culture.