Professional Search

Speed, attention and attractiveness here are the means for success. Thanks to HAPEKO’s own data base, we may select and contact suitable candidates already at the day of receipt of your order and invite them for a meeting at short notice

Over the first few days, attention to your vacancy is ensured by publication with an electronic interface to all leading portals. The advertisement under the trademark “HAPEKO” alone already leads to above-average clicking quota. Moreover, HAPEKO consultants know the key terms of your target group in order to transform high clicking quota into qualified applications.

Supplementary, the HAPEKO research division uses social networks such as XING and the most important CV data bases of the leading job portals to identify further candidates. Conversing with the applicant at Hanseatisches Personalkontor, the candidates ideas are matched to those of the company. This match has a central meaning for the decision quality and for the later stability of cooperation. Stable solutions can only be found if all parties have realistic expectations.

Therefore, the management of expectations is a core task also when consulting your company: When developing a profile of positions and requirements that conforms to the market and when assessing a candidate’s professional and personal suitability. Rest assured: The applicant is also consulted with regard to realistic expectations. To this end, we use extensive current market data – in addition to our experience.