Executive Search

Persons who are relevant to the system will directly affect the company success with their actions. Positions such as manager, head of distribution or head of commerce may positively mean the company’s future, but may negatively endanger its existence.

You are looking for a decision maker of the future, and try in any case to prevent a wrong decision. Our services in the field of Executive Search are structured by this requirement. Within headhunting, we identify relevant persons from companies of identical structures and industries. You will get near-complete market transparency with regard to target persons and their availability.

Persons who are relevant to the system are attractive, so that you as a company are often spoilt for a choice. Which instruments – apart from C.V. analysis and personal meeting – can identify the most suitable executives and minimize the risk of a wrong decision? To improve the decision quality, HAPEKO uses the executive compass, the value/consensus analysis, the executive typology and the applicant ranking system.

Due to the high relevance of job placement for a company, the Executive Search is carried out by a managing partner of Hanseatisches Personalkontor and an experienced consultant.