Joining in at the top:

HAPEKO is TOP personnel service provider 2016

HAPEKO TOP personnel service provider 2016

FOCUS has honored HAPEKO in two categories: In-between other renowned companies, the headhunter HAPEKO is amongst the TOP personnel service providers 2016 in both professional search and executive search.

For FOCUS-SPEZIAL, Statista has developed a list of recommendable personnel service providers. Roughly 3,200 personnel decision-makers and candidates were questions. The result shows HAPEKO as a real all-round talent: HAPEKO is TOP personnel service providers 2016 in both professional search and executive search

In the segment professional search, the focus is on winning candidates. The number of suitable specialists is limited in this field – for HAPEKO, speed and target-group availability are decisive. Personnel service providers are competitors here. He who does not recognize a suitable candidate early has lost. The award “TOP personnel service provider professional search 2016” is even more meaningful in this field where time is of the essence. Professional search entails enormous work since the labor market must permanently be screened. How do I bring my vacancy to the target group? HAPEKO knows the field exactly, and has thus earned the FOCUS award. The FOCUS list shows: Only three companies that are no temporary employment agencies are in the same league as HAPEKO. Therefore, as a real headhunter, HAPEKO is one of Germany’s four top personnel service providers.

HAPEKO is particularly happy about the additional award as “TOP personnel service provider executive search 2016”, since hardly a company is brave and resourceful enough to both offer professional and executive search. In executive search, speed is little important. The focus is on the section process. An average of 400 candidates applies for one job in a management position or executive position. Wrong decisions must be prevented. Therefore, executive search is the opposite of professional search. It is hard to serve both branches – the award in both categories shows that HAPEKO is equal to the challenge.

For the FOCUS award, roughly 1,200 personnel decision makers were called to assess personnel service providers with regard to the candidate selection, service quality and price/result ratio. In addition, 2,000 candidates were asked on the topics of selection and quality of the offered jobs, agreement and communication during and after the placement and on the service quality. To become one of the honored companies, HAPEKO had to be good on all sectors and get a minimum number of assessments.

All participants had experience with personnel service providers over the past three years. Statista carries out the surveys via the career network Xing and an online access panel. The results of the executive search list are only based on surveys amongst personnel decision makers.

HAPEKO is proud to be cited in a TOP list together with other renowned companies. We in particularly want to thank your employees who daily care for our quality target and are therefore responsible for our customers’ satisfaction.

To a further successful year!